In the June 2022 edition of The Chief’s Chronicle magazine:

Chiefs Chronicles June 2022

Woof! The first of our Specialized Units Series features police dogs. Our member agencies share their experiences in developing and maintaining their own canine units. The extremely sensitive olfactory senses of ‘man’s best friend’ make them an invaluable resource in tracking lost, missing and wanted persons, detecting narcotics, explosives, weapons, and yes, even mass storage devices for computers! The importance of police dogs as a community relations tool is not lost on our members who note that they are not just a cop’s best friend, but also help to strengthen connections with their communities.

  • We also begin a new Leadership Series authored by Chief/Ret. Greg Veitch, a trainer on executive development and the principles of leadership. Veitch shares his expertise and advice to up-and-coming commanders. In the first of this series, he delves into the Characteristics of Leaders Who Fail.
  • Chief/Ret. Michael Ranalli’s Counsel’s Corner explores a recent Supreme Court decision which was touted by some media publications as making it “easier to sue the police.” But Ranalli says that officers making rational judgments should not fret. Read about this recent Supreme Court decision and ask yourself, ‘how would I have responded to this situation?’
  • Commissioner/Ret. Stuart Cameron delves into some of the prevailing risks to our homeland security – weapons of mass destruction, vehicle ramming, and the use of fire in attacks. Cameron says that preparedness is essential, encouraging collaboration among first responder disciplines and others to prevent and respond to evolving threats. In his Chief’s Corner column, Commissioner Cameron asks, What’s Next?
  • Gordon Graham returns with a column exploring the things we can all learn from the tragedies in other industries not related to policing. What do Carnies, Sunsets, and Escalators have in common? Find out exactly what they share in his column.
  • Two esteemed police chiefs in New York State have recently retired – read about the notable careers of Chief William Moore (Lake Placid PD) and Chief Thomas McGovern (Warwick PD)
  • Special Feature in this edition – our Conference Brochure: The NYSACOP Annual Training Conference is fast approaching. Our Conference Brochure is included in this issue, with information on dates, times, presentations, presenters, special events, and one of the largest and most diverse arrays of exhibitors ever at our conference. All of the details are inside!
  • And much more!

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