Anti-Defamation League defames police, enough is enough!

The anti-defamation League recently issued a statement on the Derrick Chauvin verdict in which they stated “our country's policing and criminal legal systems have targeted and devalued black, brown, and indigenous lives for centuries. The issue is
much bigger than one traffic stop one no knock warrant one police shooting one Department or one city.”

On its website the anti-defamation League states that included in its values they stand against bigotry an injustice. They also state that they believe in the power of inclusion and uniting people from diverse groups. The ADL also states that their mission is to stop defamation and secure justice and fair treatment to all.

It is odd that an organization that makes such noble claims would issue such an ignorant statement defaming an entire class of people and painting hardworking Americans with the broad brush of bigotry. Currently, the police are easy targets for
people trying to virtue signal and impress each other with their wokeness. Utilizing anecdotal information to skew the facts in an attempt to paint the police as monsters.  It is garbage, it doesn't work anymore, and we're not going to take it.

The anti-defamation League is peddling hate speech and bigotry against an entire class of people, American police officers. Americans are on to this nonsense, they know that police officers are hardworking, honest, courageous men and women who do a difficult job day in and day out.

Chief Timothy Parisi, President of NYSACOP said “The outrageous misinformation being spewed by the ADL is contemptable and irresponsible. It’s time for statements to be made based on facts and accurate data and to speak honestly and responsibly; rather than riding the fad of wokeness that illegitimately attacks the hard-working defenders of our communities.”

There is no place for hate, and we strongly condemn this as another act of dangerously divisive rhetoric.

To view the original NYSACOP Statement, CLICK HERE