January 22, 2024 11:00 A.M. (Zoom)
Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting Called to Order – 11:00 A.M. by Chairman Georges
  • Roll Call:
    Present: Inspector David Regina, Suffolk County PD, Director of Public Safety Richard Tantalo, Monroe County, Chief Kenzie Spaulding, Corning PD, Chief William Worden, Port Jervis PD, Commissioner Kenneth Jackson, Garden City PD, Chief (ret.) Michael Geraci, Schenectady PD (NYSACOP TSOL), Assistant Chief (ret.) William Georges, Albany PD (NYSACOP TSOL & TSC Chairman).

Excused: Chief (ret.) Daniel Denz, West Seneca PD (NYSACOP Traffic Safety Services Coordinator)

Leave of Absence: Chief (ret.) Joseph Sinagra, Saugerties PD

  • No guests attended this meeting.


      • Approval of December 12, 2023, Committee Meeting Minutes:

Motion by Chief Spaulding
2nd by Commissioner Jackson
All in favor
None opposed


      • Updates/Status on Previous Agenda Topics:
        • NYS TAP Committee/DRE Issues:

Nothing new to report reference the TAP Committee.
Insp. Regina reported that Suffolk County ADA Maureen McCormick attended their most recent Traffic Safety Board meeting and provided an excellent presentation.


        • Oral Fluid Testing:

Insp. Regina reminded the TSC of problematic issues that Suffolk County PD experienced during a trial of oral fluid testing however, he strongly believes that an oral fluid testing program and related legislation is extremely valuable.

The Chair reported that there are additional agencies in N.Y. currently testing oral fluids. The Chair also stated that he continues to have on-going discussions with Intoximeters, a leading vendor of oral testing equipment (SoToxa) re: related issues.

The NYSP has a pilot project taking place for evidentiary use of oral fluid tests. Currently, NYSACOP is focused mainly on roadside testing.


        • Deadly Driving Bill, S.3135/A.174:

The Deadly Driving Bill rally did take place on January 9, 2024, at the NYS Capital. NYSACOP was represented by Chief Eric Clifford of Schenectady PD. There were some unfortunate logistics changes at the Capital however the rally was well attended and has the attention of legislators throughout the State, mainly because of the tremendous efforts of Maureen McCormick.


        • DCJS Police Executive Training, Niagara Falls, N.Y., Week of March 18, 2024

The annual executive training is scheduled for the week of March 18th. The NYSACOP Traffic Safety Team will once again have a session on the first day of training.


        • Massachusetts Mandatory Cannabis Impaired Driving Curriculum:

Nothing new to report.


        • Crash Data Review:

General discussion was held on increased fatalities across the State, especially the high numbers of pedestrian fatalities. Both Suffolk and Nassau Counties are seeing increased crashes of e-bike and motor scooters.


        • Outreach to Regional Chiefs of Police Associations & Major City Chiefs:

The NYSACOP Traffic Team continues its traffic safety outreach efforts with Executive Leadership training. Chief Spaulding is hosting a training session in Corning on January 30th and Chief Dobson, Lake Placid PD, is hosting a session on March 7. The Chair reminded all TSC members to contact the NYSACOP Traffic Team if we may be of any assistance to them or their agencies.


        • Traffic Safety Engagement and Equity in Enforcement Programs:

The Chair reported that he recently reviewed a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) report on equity however it did not address any enforcement issues. He also reported that FHWA has a new directive that variable message boards nationwide may not contain any humorous messages.


        • GTSC Update/Issues: 

The Chair reported that the NYSACOP Executive Director recently met with NYS DMV/GTSC leadership regarding the NYSACOP GTSC grant and personnel assignments. The GTSC position, that was most recently held by Chief Sinagra, has been reposted. Current NYSACOP staff members are status quo regarding projects, travel plans, and funding.


      • New Business:
        • Outreach to Tribal Police Agencies

The NYSACOP Board of Directors now as a Tribal liaison from the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Police. As a result, we now have a Traffic Safety Point of Contact from the tribe and we intend to assist them with their traffic safety efforts. This also provides an opportunity for NYSACOP to work with the other Tribes throughout the State. More information will follow as we establish working relationships.


        • NYSACOP Traffic Safety Points of Contact (POC) Webinar

A NYSACOP/GTSC webinar will be held at 10:00 A.M. on March 13th for all Points of Contact. The agenda is in the works and the Chair requested members to please offer their thoughts on potential topics. Insp. Regina requests that we ask POCs for support of the Deadly Driving Bill. The Chair will also remind them to forward information and photos of the good work that is taking place in their agencies. More information to follow.


        • Below 100 Training

Funding for below 100 training is available in this year’s NYSACOP grant. Insp. Regina has conducted numerous Below 100 training classes and is available to teach the class for our member agencies. He also suggests that the training could be a two-three hour class which may encourage higher attendance. The Chair encourages all TSC members to consider bringing this most valuable training to their agencies/areas.


        • NHTSA Law Enforcement Liaison Professional Development Training

Dan Denz recently was invited by NHTSA to be an instructor for an LEL professional development class in Indianapolis, IN. Dan will provide additional details during the next TSC meeting. The N.Y. LEL model had garnered much attention for its innovative approach of outreach/assisting law enforcement executives versus having staff in an office setting.


        • LEL/TSRP/JOJ Joint Meeting, Denver, CO, April 6, 2024:

The NYSACOP Traffic Team will be attending a national LEL meeting in Denver, CO on April 6th in advance of the Lifesavers Conference. The meeting will also be attended by Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutors and Judicial Outreach Liaisons. This will be the first joint meeting of these groups in quite some time. We will provide details of the event at a future meeting.


        • Transportation Research Board, Traffic Law Enforcement Committee

Chairman Georges is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, Transportation Research Board, Traffic Law Enforcement Committee. The Committee met on January 8th in Washington, D.C. Various traffic safety research projects were discussed during the meeting, the Chair highlighted two:

The University of Texas is conducting research regarding the viability of citizens photographing vehicles violating vehicle and traffic laws and then forwarding those photos to local law enforcement for follow up.

Secondly, Iowa State University is conducting research on the effectiveness of combined Highly Visibility Enforcement (HVE) activities. To date HVE has always focused on one lone initiative at a time, e.g. speed, occupant restraint, texting, etc. The Chair will keep the TSC informed of related updates.


        • Traffic Safety Activities and Training Courses:

The Chair reminded the TSC of many traffic safety training courses that are taking place across the State, including, but not limited to DRE, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and crash management. Dan Denz routinely sends this information to all Points of Contact and the TSC. Dan Denz can be contacted for additional information on any course of interest.


        • Other:

Insp. Regina spoke about the resurgence of street racing/shows in Suffolk County. He also cited the tremendous cooperation that Suffolk County PD has received from the NYSP with providing personnel assistance. Of note was a double fatal that occurred in the Bronx during an event and the intentional closing by the street racers of the Grand Central Parkway. Suffolk County has passed local legislation to help deal with these types of incidents but NYS must take more aggressive legislative actions as well.


      • Follow-up Activities/Assignments:
        • Schedule re: Future TSC Meetings

Future dates, venues and types of meetings were discussed, e.g. Zoom versus in-person.


        • TSC Meetings with Traffic Safety Partners/Guests:

Suggestion that Suffolk County ADA Maureen McCormick be invited as a future guest/presenter. Also suggested was leadership of the NYSP lab reference to DWI/DWAI Drugs testing. The Chair will follow up and encouraged all TSC members to recommend future guests.


        • NYSACOP TSC – Recruitment, Diversity and Succession Plan:

Nothing new to report


        • Topics for “Intersections” and podcasts including guest contributors:

The Chair intends to write an article for the next Intersections publication. As always, he also requests TSC members or members of their staff to submit an article for consideration in one of the quarterly editions.


        • Other:

Electric bikes appear to have interest for legislation during this legislative session.


      • Date of Next Meeting:
        • The next TSC meeting will take place on February 12, 2024, at 11 A.M. via Zoom.


      • Motion to Adjourn:

Motion by Director Tantalo
2nd by Chief Kenzy
All in favor
None opposed

      • Meeting adjourned at 11:58 A.M.


Mission Statement
Assist our members in enhancing traffic safety services to reduce crash related fatalities, injuries and economic loss, while also providing additional positive outcomes resulting in safer roadways and communities.